If you can read this, YOU ARE TOO CLOSE.

Our province is still/again/forever under a severe province-wide lockdown. I am not allowed to do any photography for my customers unless it is for commercial reasons (I have no commercial clients). Just imagine all these families with free time but I cannot document any of it. I have instead invested some more time and moneyContinue reading “If you can read this, YOU ARE TOO CLOSE.”

The Lady In Red

Occasionally a really strong creative idea will pop into my head. So strong that I need to try to create it almost immediately. I visualized “the lady in red” sometime last week and very quickly it all came together. I have felt in a creative rut lately, having not done any styled shoots in 2020.Continue reading “The Lady In Red”

What is a ‘Bombshell Girl’?

I know NOTHING about fashion. I dress solely for comfort and purpose. I see fashion as something people do in magazines or on TV. I do not wear makeup daily or even style my hair. I don’t make a great girl I guess…but I do make art. I see other people and I can imagineContinue reading “What is a ‘Bombshell Girl’?”

It’s a Dog Eat Dog kind of world, and I want to live there!

Right place, right time. That hardly ever happens, right? I ended up with a child free afternoon this past weekend in Sarnia, Ontario. Of course I headed over to Carman’s Foto Source in Mitton Village to chat photography and see what’s new. It is located at Ontario St & Mitton St. S in an olderContinue reading “It’s a Dog Eat Dog kind of world, and I want to live there!”