If you can read this, YOU ARE TOO CLOSE.

Our province is still/again/forever under a severe province-wide lockdown. I am not allowed to do any photography for my customers unless it is for commercial reasons (I have no commercial clients). Just imagine all these families with free time but I cannot document any of it.

I have instead invested some more time and money into my other creative outlets and ventures which prompted me into changing the name of my business from Tail Feather Photography to Tail Feather Photography and Creative Studio. I have been busy making non-medical masks, t-shirts, custom logo’s, pouches and thank you cards. Having fun with my Cricut Maker and figuring out what I can make people that they cannot get elsewhere. I cannot compete, I just want to make quality arts and crafts.

Thinking forward, this is a new month, and I need a new photography theme to focus on. I was thinking of evil little red riding hood. I have my model and my costume all worked out. I just need the weather and the GOVERNMENT to relax. In the meanwhile I am keeping busy with all my making. Mugs are next on my list. I need more mugs with swears in my life. Ha.

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