The Lady In Red

Occasionally a really strong creative idea will pop into my head. So strong that I need to try to create it almost immediately. I visualized “the lady in red” sometime last week and very quickly it all came together. I have felt in a creative rut lately, having not done any styled shoots in 2020.

In my mind the scene involves the lady in red as a wife, married to a dapper Dan type man and to borrow from the Bare Naked Ladies, they are “lovers in a dangerous time”.

I put a call out for models and the PERFECT couple I know were free to indulge me in my creative vision.

Colleen and Steve are amazing artists themselves. Westminster Park is their band, and you can find them HERE go take a look and listen!!

We started off in a little park area in the middle of a suburban setting, then quickly moved into a more urban setting. Steve’s portrayal of my dapper Dan was right on. Colleen was perfect for my lady in red, moody and folksy.

I am hoping to do one creatively styled photoshoot each month in 2021 and keep on making beautiful memories, art and friendships. The following are some of the shots I captured that day. ENJOY.

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