2020 a pandemic year in Review

I am not sure where 2020 went. Honestly if I sit and think about the months and days individually, so many things did happen, but as a whole the year was a complete bust.

We rang in the new year in Florida. The girls and I took a road trip we will never forget.

March brought about the COVID-19 school shutdowns in Ontario, and I thought I would lose my mind. So to combat the boredom I bought a kayak. The girls and I tried to take it out as much as possible. Fishing, sight seeing and trying new things were all on the agenda.

As spring progressed into summer and the lockdowns were ramping up, and we were all finding our places I began helping out more and with Ziggy’s Feathered Friends, and all the little baby birds. Hand feeding them all is hard work, but so rewarding. I started a TikTok and tried to keep up moral. Throughout the whole year I think I only shot two or three events.

So my days became less and less about art. In July I changed all of that with a new iPad and Procreate. I started doing digital art, and ramped up my home based maker project with my items tagged A Tail Feather Creation. Soon I had lots to do. Masks with custom drawn designs and logos, shirts, mugs, cups and more. Things were getting really creative, but still not much photography…

We settled in well with distanced learning, feeding babies and keeping busy making, all of a sudden Christmas and New Years were over, and I have come to realize there are NO BLOGS WRITTEN IN 2020!! Having photographed only a few families due to COVID-19 restrictions, and mostly using my creativity in different ways, I have decided to try in 2021 to do one themed shoot each month. I did no styled or themed shoots in 2020, just three gorgeous families.

Fingers crossed that I will be able to do way more sessions in 2021.

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