What is a ‘Bombshell Girl’?

I know NOTHING about fashion. I dress solely for comfort and purpose. I see fashion as something people do in magazines or on TV. I do not wear makeup daily or even style my hair. I don’t make a great girl I guess…but I do make art. I see other people and I can imagine them in made up settings. I invent back stories and strive to re-enact these scenes with my camera. I suspect other artists will understand what I am saying, but not everyone does. When I met Jorden I had an idea, a brilliant idea. All I needed were some cute jeans shorts, white tops, running shoes, do-rags for my two cutie girls and a sweet location.

My family and Jordens’ decided to head to Cambridge, Ontario and visit the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory on Labor day at the end of this past summer. I had packed the girls required ‘outfits’ and we scouted a location along the way. I was looking for a car or truck show, a quick stop spot or, to meet up with a traveler who owns a classic car or truck. You see Jorden does like fashion. She dresses up most days as a Bombshell Girl. A what?? Beautiful women who loves bright red lipstick, curled up hair and gorgeous dresses or outfit in a 50’s-ish style are the norm for Bombshell Girls. They gather and attend shows, have their photos taken for calendars and dress to impress just in their normal lives too. Google it, it’s a real thing.

This idea had been bouncing around in my head for months, and on this day the whole plan came together perfectly. As we were driving to see the butterflies, I saw from the corner of my eye this most amazing old rusted truck. It was just off the road, but completely accessible to my small girls and the rest of the crew. The boys were beyond bored, Trevor, Jorden’s partner managed traffic for me, making sure in my zest I did not wander into the road. Bailey is Jorden’s daughter and she helped to wrangle the girls for us. What an amazing end to a fun day!

Jorden does not consider herself a model, but to me she is the best kind of model, chill, natural and full of life. I cannot wait to have my next story come to life as clearly and perfectly as this one did. Art for art’s sake.

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