WTF, Birds?

When I tell people that I spend a lot of time with birds there are only two reactions. The first one is something like “oh my grandmothers cousin’s daughter had a bird named Petey who could talk. The other is WTF. If you have never spent any time with parrots, you should! Quickly you would realize that not only are they beautiful, and smart, but their poop is much more manageable then a large breed dog. NO really, they are beautiful. Below is a photo I took of a 9 year old Great Green Parrot (Bouffon’s Macaw) named Bowie.

Bowie, showing off.

Tail Feather Photography is the culmination of five straight years of almost daily bird photography. My mother decided to open her own bird store when she lost the job she had had for seventeen years. Her start up capital came from threatening to sue the blowhard for firing her without cause. Fast forward five hard years and many, many birds later, she has a client/customer base that includes Bowies owners. People who trust my mom and by extension sometimes me. These bird owners trust us to provide the best toys, inclusive collections of food and treats, clip their wings, trim their nails, board them, in home house-sit or heaven forbid help to re-home them. We also run Parrot Club-London and Area, where we offer a meeting space for two hours a month. This is a great space to have deep conversations, swap personal stories and of course meet each others birds. If you are interested in more information check them out here;

Taking photos of birds is tough but very rewarding. They help to sell the birds, they offer lasting high quality memories for their owners, and these portraits have helped me practice enough to want to start my own photography business. Tail Feathers are strong, and often bright an beautiful, so Tail Feather as a name called out to me. I don’t just take pictures of birds of course, I love all genres of photography. I have so many pictures in my editing cue, I am sure this blog is just a distraction from that task <wink>.

Crimson Bellied Conure Baby

My moms store is located in Dorchester, as is our second Wednesday of the month meetings which are held at Rachel’s Book Hall. Stopping in is always a good time at Ziggys Feathered Friends. If you want to see more shots of birds check out my Instagram in the widgets on the right.

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